domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009

Ls make the world go round...

I started growing plants again
So I´ll have someone to care for
But they don´t last too long in my hands
Somehow they all dry out and die slowly

Love lust and loss
these dry leaves remind me of
Love, lust and loss
And that you don´t come round here no more

What if we were last year´s favourite couple and
we had our fair share of heads turning when we´d kiss
what if I raved so much to my mom about you
Soon darker times would land upon our hearts

Love, lust and loss
Both-way betrayals would loose our knots
Love, lust and loss
now we are walking different roads

I found an sms I hadn´t erased goddamn
It said you were at work, tired, in need of sleep
I didn´t make me shed a tear they´ve all run dry
But it surely made me heart skip a beat
Love, lust and loss….

Somehow I got used to live without you
But I must confess I have my low moments
When I miss terribly your arched eyebrows
Your perfect teeth and your small soft hands

That couldn´t keep us together!
Love, lust and loss
They couldn´t keep us togeteher
Love, lust and loss
They couldn’t hold us together
They were just too small
we weren´t made for each other after all

Your baby doesn’t come around here no more
Your baby doesn’t come around here no more
so I´ll just water my plants
and let go…

those Ls make the world go round after all

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