domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

All those summer parties

Primavera Sound festival is about to happen once more. Four days left and we will be roaming at Forum Park in Barcelona like animals of prey. And this fills my heart with the sweetest anticipation AND fear at once. Why should be that way?
For 3 days and nights I am going to live the same old story over and over again: I will be out of my head , with friends, watching concerts, drinking heavily, dancing and forgetting that the world outside Forum keeps spinning. For 3 days my life will be almost ideal, a real work of art coloured with music, love and drama. Yes, you´d better watch out you poor indie pop kids: Primavera Sound is not for the faint of heart! In fact, as far as I am concerned, the Forum Park and its special "geography" is the perfect setting for movie-like scenes: I have fallen terribly in love swinging with someone under the stars and I have fallen out of love on the concrete ground. I have said hellos on a grassy slope and I have waved goodbyes outside the bathrooms, I have snogged on the grass like a teenager and I have cried like a baby behind the reeds. I have gone out of my head, ecstatic, dancing to Jens Lekman or whoever, surrounded by my best friends or I have felt lost, dizzy and completely alone, without being able to watch any concert. Oh, I am sure all you festivals goers know the score already. You can spend hours wondering around, doing practically nothing, wasting your time...but then, sometimes, even going to pee can be a wonderful adventure straight out of a children´s book!
Another year then....another year of fun fun fun and tears of course. Emotions ride high, especially when you feed your poor body with molotov cocktails and weird combinations of substances instead of sandwiches and fruits. And there are plenty of songs to make a soundtrack and underline the best and the worst moments. So cry baby, cry and let those tears be tears of joy or infinite sadness. Summer is on its way. Old lovers are fading fast although they still can make your day a little bit greyer. And new loves are on their way.
I think of Catharsis, a vital element of the Greek tragedy. Primavera Sound can give you even this sense when it starts raining at 5 in the morning and you still dance heroically to some old rock 'n´roll song. Or when you tell someone who doesn´t love you anymore that you will never forget him but you will let go because what´s the use in trying?
Three days of absolute fun and then a week of the bluest blues. Every year is the same story. And still we do it. Even when I make calculations and the sum of the embarrassing moments is too high , I still believe it was worthy. My friends from Athens will be there, my friends from Alicante, Valencia, Madrid will be there, my Barcelonian friends will be there...and you, with those sunglasses , your tired face and THAT empty stare...I am pretty sure sure that you too will be there...dancing and kissing. All those summer parties, OUR summer parties, nothing could make them fade away...

All those summer parties that we used to share
I can hardly recall a thing,
that surely means that I was there
dancing and kissing
you don´t know what you`ve been missing
all those summer parties that we shared
no-one could make them fade away

with our fists in our pockets moving nervously
with a spring in our step and our dancing shoes on
we waited for this all winter long and nobody can stop us now

night is falling quickly stars above our head
the sea-breeze cooling our faces ,
noone dreams of going to bed
so give me more of those screwdrivers
and if i go and overdose
they´ll say it was for the sake of sex n drugs and rock n roll
what a shame...

killing time on the grass before the next concert begins
my friends look pretty though slightly dazed
they laugh at this stupid grin on my face
and then Jens comes on stage
and then the Black Lips come on stage
and then the Vampire come on stage
and my head explodes!

let´s twist again like we did last summer
clap and shout and shake it all out , it´s the time
to dance the night away

all those summer parties
left you with an empty stare
8 am trembling with your shades on
that surely means that you were there
dancing and kissing
and poor thing you´re already missing
all those summer parties
now let´s catch the bus before we colapse and try not to miss our stop!

...till next weekend!

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