jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Salicrunette & Evripidis doing The Night Of The Living Covers

On Friday 29th of April, me and music journalist and friend Marta Salicrú did a special show at bar Robadors 23. I was actually just playing the piano and singing mostly harmonies while she had to sing her lungs out. The concert was part of a special event where music journalists have to turn into performers for one night and be judged by musicians in the crowd. Our fierce critic was Mireia Madroñero aka Miss Carrussel.

Our show was a cabaret version of some of our favourite tunes ever. Here is the playlist:

Te Esperare-Pic Nic
Baby-Os Mutantes
Your Woman-White Town
Como Un Aviador-Family
All Of a Tremble-St. Christopher
Some Velvet Morning-Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
(Remember) Walking In The Sand-The Shangri-Las
The Look Of Love-Burt Bacharach
Our Mutual Friend-Divine Comedy
Hounds Of Love-Kate Bush
Nothing To Be Done-The Pastels
Elisa-Serge Gainsbourg
You Think You´re a Man-the Vaselines

The show brought back a lot of sweet memories in me because my first concert as Evripidis and his Tragedies had taken place at that bar, exactly six years ago, on April 2005. And though Robadors Street, a seedy narrow lane packed with prostitutes, junkies, pimps and petty criminals, has been cleared a little bit since 2005 (due to the construction of a luxurious hotel and some new apartments) it still maintains this Barrio Chino aura that makes it unique. It was a warm spring night and although we were a little nervous at the beginning, we had fun and we paid an homage to some of the artists that shaped not only our musical tastes but our lives as well.

Thank you Marta, you have been a wonderful companion!

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