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Comic strip for Colibrí

photo by Ignasi Casas, cover by Sergi Puyol

Colibrí is the fanzine that features my first comic strip (well, it is not practically a strip but never mind) ever published, a story about the writer´s block I experience every time I have to do some creative work and how I try to sort things out by procrastinating heavily, getting desperate, looking for absurd excuses and-finally-finding a way to make things happen...somehow!
Colibrí was created by Toni Mascaró from APA-APA CÒMICS and illustrator and graphic designer Sergi Puyol. The initial idea of making a fanzine were Sergi would publish his new comic strips alongside the work of other authors has grown into a marvelous little treasure where you can find the work of many talented people, some of them trying their luck on narration for the very first time! The 300 copies of the first issue have already sold out and the 400 copies of the second one are going very well so hurry up otherwise you won´t get yours! The third issue is due to come out in March-April. On the 26th of January Toni and Sergi are doing a presentation of Colibrí 2 at my "Switch the Jukebox On!" night at Switch Bar in Barcelona, with special guests the groups Arponera and Villaroel!

learn more about it here:


Artists who participated in this Colibrí:
Elisa Riera
Sergi Puyol
Felipe Almendros
Clara Tanit
Evripidis Sabatis
Antoni Hervàs
Leandro Alzate
María Corte
Liz Prince
Markéta Michálková
Marc Bell
Sara González
Tommi Musturi
Mireia Pérez
Elena Barreras
Camille Vannier
Clara Artigas
Jonathan Millán
Cristina Spanó
Jessica Boston
Mirena Ossorno

Read and see more about the wonderful editorial Apa Apa here!

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