martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Motorbike in Dani´s patio

The other day, my friends Nacho, Maria and Pablo came to my place to record me playing at my flatmate´s my patio. We were all under a terrible hangover due to some serious partying (so common during summertime in this corner of the world) from the night before but we somehow managed to make it. Among plants, many of them tortured by the heatwave, I played some new songs. The is the first video of the series. The song is called Motorbike and it is about, well, being on a motorbike with someone you love...or at least fancy, cruising on the avenues. Enjoy!

Won´t you take me for a ride

on that shabby old motorbike

and the city will change its face

won´t we cruise down the avenues,

won´t we run past the

people as they go to work

they look grey and dull as we enjoy

two-wheeled freedom for a moment

won´t you take me for a ride

on that shabby old motorbike

and our story could change its pace

you´d enjoy scaring me

jumping red lights and going full speed

I hope you do it for a purpose

so crystal clear so that, I, pushed by fear

will grab you tighter and feel

how your heart beats for me

so won´t we take ride?

won´t we take a ride?

on that shabby motorbike!

won´t you take me for a ride

nn that shabby old motorbike

so that holding you won´t be just a dream

I´ll rest my face on your shoulder

and go slightly insane with the scent of your neck

while churches, bridges, parks parade by our side

Why don´t we drive up the hill and seal our ride with a kiss

as the city lays below our feet

I´ll give myself to you

daydreaming is free!

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  1. Χαίρομαι που περνάς δημιουργικά το καλοκαιράκι σου! see u!