domingo, 11 de abril de 2010


This Friday 16 of April, at 21.00, it is the opening of my first personal exposition ever at SIX D.O.G.S in Athens. The exposition takes its name form that old song from Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans, a song that I have hummed so many times. I love the final part where, in between handclaps and crazy doo-wop singing, Darlene love moans "oh tell me why, why, why?". I believe it is an iconic moment in pop music´s history and I find it heartbreaking because, although expressed in a rather naive teenage way, it contains the eternal and unresolved mistery: Why do we always hurt the ones we love?

I will show some drawings inspired by this song and by love, lust and most of all loss. I will also play a concert The Night of the Living Covers with some of my Greek friends and afterward I am going to dj some music in order to lighten up the mood a little bit and bring those dancing shoes on the spot light. So, whoever feels like coming, it is free and it is Friday night.

Six D.O.G.S, 6-8 Avramiotu, Athens, Greece

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  1. Καλή επιστροφή στη Μπαρτσελόνα (να μην ξέρω ισπανικά, να σ' το γράψω στη δεύτερη γλώσσα σου...) Το κομμάτι δεν το ξέχασα, θα το λάβεις αμεσότατα!
    see u